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Understanding the Role of a Virtual Medical Scribes

A Virtual Medical Scribe from Angel City VA is your dedicated assistant who joins you virtually via a tablet or computer, watching or listening in on doctor/patient visits online. They provide expert medical scribing services remotely, saving you the space and resources that a physical employee would demand. 

Virtual medical scribes in action during a patient consultation

Precision in Documentation

Comprehensive Procedure Management

Efficient Chart Review and Management

Advancing Patient Privacy & Record Updates

Unlocking the Potential of Virtual Medical Scribe Services

Reap the Benefits and Discover Who Can Most Effectively Utilize Our Medical Virtual Assistant Services

Why Choose Angel City VA?

Tailored Medical Virtual Assistant Solutions for Your Healthcare Practice

Certified in HIPAA Training

Patient data security is our priority. We comply with strict standards and regulations, ensuring your patient data remains confidential and secure at all times.

Personalized and Scalable

Every medical practice and our solutions are unique. We provide customized, scalable virtual medical assistant services that adapt to your clinic’s size, needs, and growth.

Significant Cost Savings

Save up to 70% on employment costs. Enjoy exceptional value with no hidden fees and full control through our flexible policy. Discontinue service at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Virtual Medical Scribe Service

Helping you understand our services better for a well-informed decision.

Our Virtual Medical Scribes efficiently manage real-time updates to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), complete medical charts with thoroughness, maintain a secure and private connection for patient consultations, and ensure full HIPAA compliance.

Absolutely. Our Virtual Medical Scribes are versatile and can adapt to practices of all sizes and specialties.

Our Virtual Medical Scribes undergo a comprehensive training program, including familiarization with EHR/EMR systems, HIPAA compliance, and best-practice remote working methods, in addition to their healthcare training and experience. Most of our scribes are Registered Nurses, while some hold other healthcare-related degrees.

Our service can save you up to 70% compared to the expense of an in-house employee when considering wages, payroll taxes, and office space. Also, our scribes save you time by handling EHR/EMR updates, allowing you to see more patients per day.

Our pricing is exceptionally affordable, fully inclusive, and transparent. There are no setup fees or hidden costs, and the rate remains the same regardless of the tasks performed. Clients are billed bi-monthly for the services rendered in the previous two weeks.

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