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Streamline operations and enhance patient care by delegating administrative tasks to our dedicated and efficient Virtual Medical Administrative Assistants.

Uncovering the Role of a Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant

Not merely an AI or a robot, a Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant is a highly trained professional who provides virtual medical assistant services, working remotely to help your healthcare practice operate more efficiently. They handle crucial administrative tasks allowing you to focus on patient care.


Appointment Management

Administrative Support

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Patient Communications

Insurance and Billing Assistance


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Why Choose Angel City VA?

We’re Committed to Enhancing Patient Care by Empowering Your Medical Team

Certified in HIPAA Training

Patient data security is our priority. We comply with strict standards and regulations, ensuring your patient data remains confidential and secure at all times.

Personalized and Scalable

Every medical practice and our solutions are unique. We provide customized, scalable virtual medical assistant services that adapt to your clinic’s size, needs, and growth.

Significant Cost Savings

Save up to 70% on employment costs. Enjoy exceptional value with no hidden fees and full control through our flexible policy. Discontinue service at any time.

Common Questions About Our Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant Service

Addressing common queries and concerns related to our service

 A Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant handles a wide range of administrative tasks for medical practitioners remotely. This includes scheduling appointments, managing patient records, handling insurance claims, and more, freeing you up to focus more on patient care.

Absolutely, our Virtual Medical Administrative Assistants strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations to ensure the confidentiality and security of patient information. They utilize secure remote access technology for managing electronic health records and other systems.

Yes, to maintain consistency and build a stronger working relationship, you will be paired with the same Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant who will work with you on a regular basis.

Hiring a Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant saves costs in several ways. First, they’re less expensive than a full-time, in-office employee as you’re not obligated to pay for benefits or insurance. Additionally, you save on office space and equipment costs.

Yes, our Virtual Medical Administrative Assistants have been trained in medical-specific tasks and are familiar with medical terminologies, billing processes, insurance claims, and more. They’re prepared to offer quality assistance, understanding the unique requirements of the healthcare industry.

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