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Professional assistance from a virtual dental receptionist for your dental office covers everything from patient billing to scheduling and beyond.

Exploring the Role of a Dental Virtual Assistant

Many practices are unfamiliar with the benefits of a Virtual Dental Receptionist and Dental Administrative Assistant. At Angel City VA, our assistants are extensively trained professionals, equipped to handle numerous tasks and responsibilities essential to your dental practice.


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Why Opt for a Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant?

For Comprehensive Administrative Support and Unparalleled Efficiency

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We’re Committed to Enhancing Patient Care by Empowering Your Medical Team

Certified in HIPAA Training

Patient data security is our priority. We comply with strict standards and regulations, ensuring your patient data remains confidential and secure at all times.

Personalized and Scalable

Every medical practice and our solutions are unique. We provide customized, scalable virtual medical assistant services that adapt to your clinic’s size, needs, and growth.

Significant Cost Savings

Save up to 70% on employment costs. Enjoy exceptional value with no hidden fees and full control through our flexible policy. Discontinue service at any time.

Clarifying Frequent Questions About Our Dental Virtual Assistant Service

Find answers to your most pressing questions about our service.

A dental virtual assistant is an off-site team member who carries out duties assigned by the in-house dental team. These professionals work remotely, using their own computing resources and the dental office’s practice management software.

Several signs can indicate the need for a dental VA. If your office is experiencing an accumulation of over 90-day-old insurance claims, low treatment acceptance rates due to insufficient insurance benefit information, unscheduled hygiene appointments, delayed responses to telephone calls, or if tasks are not being completed on time due to financial restrictions in hiring additional part-time or full-time staff, a dental virtual assistant could be an ideal solution.

Dental virtual assistants are best suited for administrative tasks. They can efficiently handle benefits and eligibility and follow up on outstanding insurance claims, allowing your office staff to focus on patient care. While it’s essential that all patient communication originate from the practice itself to foster a strong doctor-patient relationship, other non-patient-facing responsibilities can be delegated to a VA, allowing your staff to focus on crucial patient calls.

Yes, in most situations. Often, practices are overwhelmed with more administrative tasks than the team can handle but lack the steady workload to justify another full-time employee. A dental virtual assistant provides a cost-effective solution, as you only pay for the hours they work. Furthermore, virtual team members can work uninterrupted by phone calls, patients, or other team members, thereby improving productivity.

All our Dental Virtual Assistants are HIPAA-trained and HIPAA-certified. During onboarding, we ensure their computer hardware and anti-virus software comply with required standards. We recommend clients have their Dental Virtual Assistants sign Business Associate Agreements. We don’t need to sign a BAA as we do not have access to Patient Health Information. Our virtual assistants, primarily based in the Philippines, abide by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 – a law comparable to the US HIPAA statute. This law provides protections for U.S. firms employing Philippine labor while imposing strict penalties on those who knowingly expose Patient Health Information.

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