The Story Behind Angel City VA

How we are transforming healthcare practice with virtual medical assistance.

image of Dr Felix Sigal
Dr. Felix Sigal

For Doctors, By A Doctor

Dr. Felix Sigal, DPM, our founder, serves as the principal physician at LA Foot Pain Podiatry Clinic and is a well respected specialist and researcher in diabetic limb salvage and wound care. He is the driving force behind Angel City VA. As a clinical investigator at Angel City Research, Dr. Sigal recognized the groundbreaking potential of Medical Virtual Assistants and the positive impact they can have on patient care.

Dr. Sigal’s wealth of experience in utilizing Virtual Assistants has proven to be an effective solution to the administrative hurdles inherent in managing a healthcare practice. Inspired to share his successful approach and expertise with other medical professionals, he established Angel City VA.

Building the Future of Virtual Health Assistance

Our Commitment to Empower Healthcare Providers with Virtual Assistance

Our Mission

At Angel city VA, we are committed to elevating healthcare by providing outstanding medical virtual assistance, our mission is to enable healthcare providers to focus on their primary goal patient care while we manage the administrative and occupation tasks while lowering operational cost.

Our Vision

We envision a future where healthcare providers globally can direct their undivided attention towards achieving optimal patient health outcomes. We see a world where our services empower every healthcare organization to operate at its highest potential, transcending boundaries and setting new standards in patient care.

The Core Values Defining Angel City VA

The Guiding Principles Shaping our Approach and Commitment

Patient-Centric Efficiency

At Angel City VA, we firmly believe that a healthcare provider’s focus should be on the patient, first and foremost. Our systems and procedures are designed to efficiently handle administrative and operational tasks, giving providers the time and freedom to prioritize patient care.

Unwavering Accountability

In every aspect of Angel City VA, we hold ourselves accountable for the results we deliver. We understand that our actions directly impact the providers we serve and, consequently, the patients they care for. Thus, we strive for precision, responsibility, and transparency in all our operations.

Reliable Support

We specialize in offering trustworthy and competent medical virtual assistants to ensure seamless healthcare services. As a reliable partner for healthcare providers, we prioritize building trust and maintaining high standards of dependability.

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