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Find out how you can save up to 70%, on employment costs for your practice with the help of a medical virtual assistant from Angel City VA. Founded by a leading podiatrist.

Certified in HIPAA Training

Patient data security is our priority. We comply with strict standards and regulations, ensuring your patient data remains confidential and secure at all times.

Personalized and Scalable

Every medical practice and our solutions are unique. We provide customized, scalable virtual medical assistant services that adapt to your clinic’s size, needs, and growth.

Significant Cost Savings

Save up to 70% on employment costs. Enjoy exceptional value with no hidden fees and full control through our flexible policy. Discontinue service at any time.

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We Understand the Challenges of Modern Healthcare

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern healthcare, balancing the intricate nuances of patient care while managing administrative obligations is not just complex but also daunting. We recognize these intricacies, and it is precisely for these reasons we’ve designed our virtual medical assistant services.

Our tailor-made solutions are crafted to streamline your processes, alleviate administrative stress, and empower you to focus wholeheartedly on providing optimal patient care. With our virtual assistant healthcare services, overcoming these challenges is not only possible but also incredibly seamless and efficient.

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How Angel City VA Can Help

Tailored Medical Virtual Assistant Solutions for Your Healthcare Practice

image of a Virtual Medical Scribe

Virtual Medical Scribe

Our Virtual Medical Scribes manage your documentation tasks, allowing you to focus on patient care. They document patient encounters in real-time, manage EHRs, and ensure accurate records.

image of a Virtual Medical Receptionist

Virtual Medical Receptionist

Our Virtual Medical Receptionists help streamline your front desk operations. They manage appointment scheduling, patient follow-ups, virtual check ins, and handle patient inquiries with care.

image of Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant

Virtual Medical Administrative Assistant

Our Virtual Medical Administrative Assistants handle your practice’s administrative load, from managing patient records to billing and coding. Let our professionals ensure your operations run smoothly.

image of a Dental Virtual Assistant

Dental Virtual Assistant

Our Dental Virtual Assistants understand the specifics of dental practice management. They handle patient scheduling, insurance processing, and other administrative tasks.

For Doctors, By A Doctor

Felix Sigal, DPM, our founder, serves as the principal physician at LA Foot Pain Podiatry Clinic and is a well respected specialist and researcher in diabetic limb salvage and wound care. He is the driving force behind Angel City VA. As a clinical investigator at Angel City Research, Dr. Sigal recognized the groundbreaking potential of Medical Virtual Assistants and the positive impact they can have on patient care.

Dr. Sigal’s wealth of experience in utilizing Virtual Assistants has proven to be an effective solution to the administrative hurdles inherent in managing a healthcare practice. Inspired to share his successful approach and expertise with other medical professionals, he established Angel City VA.
image of Dr Felix Sigal
Dr. Felix Sigal